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Retirement Income & Tax Planning

Learn about strategies and products to help you keep more of what your investments earn.

Tactical Investment Funds

Find out how these programs manage investment risk throughout a market cycle.

Risk Management & Business Succession

Secure your family or business’ future with various types of insurance.

Severance & Pension Transfers

Contact us to help you make the right choices for severance, pension or Group RRSP transfers.

Inheritance & Wealth Transfer

Discover which Estate and Tax Planning strategies are available for your unique situation.

Financial Planning for Young Families

Create positive cash flow; manage debt; Save, Invest and Choose the right insurance.

Why choose Westdale Financial?

*Over 33 years of experience   * Unique financial planning systems   *Market sensitive investment account design   *Excellence in client care

Our experience has shown that many investors received little or no direction before the market crash of 2008 to prevent or minimize losses. The traditional advice to “stay the course” was unsuccessful.

Our financial world is a complex landscape and global markets are strongly connected reducing the effectiveness of many popular diversification techniques.

Our unique systems* have been developed to help you maximize the growth and security for you, your family and your business. We offer our experience, our independence and our passion to achieve your personal level of financial success.

*”Our unique systems” refers to financial planning programs developed by Westdale Financial Services Inc.

Westdale Financial Services & Planning Hamilton

Let’s get started on your financial future!

How soon can I retire?
How do I evaluate my severance offer?
Need Help with Inheritance Planning?
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