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An Investment Fund has a pre-designed investment objective and the amount you transfer to it is simply added to the current assets that are being managed.  The Manager of a “Tactical Investment Fund” normally can make significant and frequent changes in its asset allocation based on his or her assessment of various factors including market conditions, economic fundamentals and the level of stock and bond prices at the time.  Some products fall into a different classification such as “Canadian Neutral Balanced” or  “Global Neutral Balanced” or “Global Fixed Income Balanced” since management have more limitations on the frequency and degree of asset class changes within the fund.  All investors in these products however would benefit from these changes as and when they are made.

Our office has studied over twenty four different products that fall in these and other categories that offer various levels of flexibility in asset allocation.  Five(5) different Funds are listed below that are among our top recommendations depending of course on your own unique investment objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon and the purpose of your account.

Click on the name of each fund to see the current disclosure information as provided by FundData.

Dynamic Power Global Balanced Class

Dynamic Global Asset Allocation Fund

IA Clarington Global Asset Allocation Fund

Manulife Global Balanced Fund

BMO Concentrated Global Balanced Fund

We will help you determine which Tactical Investment Fund would be most suitable for you and how your account(s) in your Family Portfolio should be arranged.

Customizing Your Account Design

Depending on your investment objectives and risk tolerance, an account could concentrate all of its value into one specific Tactical Investment Fund or part of the account value could be held in a specific fund to either reduce volatility such as is shown in the pie chart to the right.

Alternatively you could select a fund that offers growth opportunity to customize your account if the Tactical Investment Fund does not include that asset class in its investment objective.

Contact a Hamilton financial planner today to discuss your investment account design.

Tactical Investment Funds Hamilton
Tactical Investment Funds Hamilton
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