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First Meeting
Discussion of:

i) Immediate financial needs, goals or concerns.
ii) Your Retirement Goals including retirement date, income needs and duration
iii)Your Investment Goals, Risk Levels, Time Horizon, Liquidity, Income Needs

Discussion of:
Your Service Expectations and Needs

Overview of:
My Practice Style, Philosophies, Licensing and Certification

Fact Gathering:

Client Planner” or “Your Retirement Map” Data Form
Summary of Financial Information and Goals
Your Investment & RRSP statements
Your Insurance Policies, Benefit Booklets
Tax Returns (2 years)

Summary of:
Summary of Engagement Letter – Retirement and Estate Planning
Engagement Letter – Investment Management
Advisor Compensation

Second Meeting
  1. Presentation of Draft proposals: Retirement, Investment or Insurance.
  2. Document or Application completion where necessary:
Third Meeting
  1. Investment Statement Review if necessary and Presentation of Revised Retirement, Investment or Insurance Plan
  2. Establish next meeting date and preliminary agenda.
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