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Regardless of whether the financial issue being investigated is simple or complex, within reason our priority is to try to obtain as much relevant information as possible and complete some financial planning calculations or “tests” first. Then if a product is required like insurance or annuity or an investment, then we will research products from different firms to compare features and costs in order to determine the most appropriate solution for you.

Tactical Account Management

First our Client Planner document should be completed. If you have existing investments that you want critiqued, then we’ll also need a copy of your most recent statement(s). We will produce a customized investment proposal for you to illustrate suitable investments which may include one or more of our recommended  Tactical Investment Funds.


Retirement Income & Tax Planning

The process we use is through our program called “Your Retirement Map” ™. Click to read more about our retirement planning services. To be effective a retirement planning proposal should produce an after tax retirement income value in today’s dollars, considering each and every potential source of income in your future. Extensive fact finding is required in order for this service to be a success for you.

Risk Management & Insurance

For Family situations, we use our program called, “Estate Capital Management System” ™ (ECMS). This program will clearly identify the right amount of Insurance that is required for either spouse and will consider education funding needs and will determine if there is a retirement deficit for the surviving spouse.

For Business Owner’s, ECMS can be used as well, however the assets, liabilities and succession funding requirements, if any, would be added to calculate the correct amount of insurance.


The foundation for our advice comes from both 34 years of experience and from a process based on obtaining extensive client data, determining your goals and testing those goals using one of our financial planning programs. We can help with a singular need or a more complex project such as portfolio design and retirement planning. The illustration below shows that everything starts from the middle circle.

The circles contain the various services we offer and are positioned in a life stage fashion around the clock. Younger families often need assistance with Debt Management, Home & Education Funding and Insurance Analysis to achieve estate security. Portfolio Design and Retirement Planning eventually evolve as a priority. Individuals over the age of 55 often need to concentrate on retirement planning and wealth management issues. For more information about our services, please contact us today.

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